Owner and founder, Jeffrey Crocker

A memo from the man himself

Ten Tables came about from a love of food and after decades of food “research” in cafes and restaurants around Melbourne and through travels around the world. I love how food brings people together. No matter where you are or from what culture you come from, I believe food is at the heart of all great communication!

The impetus for having a café, besides an addiction to great coffee, was to build a space that is bright and chilled where locals could go, hang out and get fab specialty coffee and food cooked from scratch with love.

Once I found the perfect location opposite Fleming Park, I knew my dream was about to be born.


I had “banged on” to family and friends for longer that one should about opening a café and rather than being a fence sitter, Ten Tables came alive.


Why I love what I do

The most important thing for me as the head barista at Ten Tables is to pour you a banging cup of coffee. No matter if it is an espresso, a latte or a V60, everyone in our team gives their best to make sure you have the best possible experience.

For us coffee is more than just a caffeinated beverage, we love to bring new and exciting beans from all over the world to share. This is why I am over the moon to get the chance to work with such an exceptional roastery like Small Batch Roasters.

Take Away Coffee

I always say I have never tasted a more balanced coffee than a Small Batch coffee and I am still astonished how this applies to every single coffee small batch has in their range. It brings joy to my heart to bring their exceptional coffees into Ten Tables and into your cup.

In addition to the phenomenal “Candyman” espresso blend, which we chose to be our all-rounder espresso for milk and black coffee (because it’s just banging) we get the chance to try and experiment with lots of different filter coffees, ethically sourced and meticulously roasted.

Filter coffee has a long history but has recently been brought back alive. At Ten Tables we use a Japanese Hario V60 for our soft brews. The V60 gives us the chance to adjust and control every single aspect of the brewing process. For a soft pour coffee we use a coarser coffee grind, more time and apply less pressure during the brewing process.

A nice V60 can be an exceptional coffee experience and offers a good alternative for people who are usually not too keen on black coffee.

My personal goal is to share my love, passion and excitement for coffee - since it never fails to make me smile at 6am in the morning.

With love,