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Truly Great Coffee

At Ten Tables we believe in great produce and making things from scratch. We are passionate about bringing the best seasonal and unprocessed ingredients together, cooked simply to tantalise your taste buds.  


We source locally and work with artisan bakers and specialty coffee roasters who share our dedication to transparency, ethical sourcing and sustainability.


While we recognise that we all eat with our eyes, it’s no substitute for banging flavour and that’s what we focus on. We want the ingredients to sing and bring a smile to your face and ours.

So come on in! We look forward to seeing you soon.


Small Batch Coffee Roasters

At Ten Tables, we care where our coffee comes from. We have teamed up with Small Batch Roasting Co to bring what we believe is the most delicious specialty coffee to Brunswick East. We share Small Batch’s vision of responsibly sourced, meticulously roasted, perfectly brewed and sensually enjoyed coffee experiences. We love working with partners that are ahead of the curve and deliver a very special product. That’s who we know Small Batch is and we love what they do!

Small Batch sources the finest green beans, directly from producers in El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica and through ethically minded suppliers worldwide that share their values. Small Batch Roasters supplies us with a fabulous variety of rotating filter coffees and our fantastic Candyman Espresso Blend.


If you’d like to know more, check them out at Small Batch Roasting Co


Noisette Bakers

Our breads, rolls croissants and pastries are sourced fresh daily from Artisan Bakers Noisette, with a family history of fifth generation bakers from 1825.


We love the quality products they supply, the fact that they source the finest local ingredients and have a focus on sustainability. They share a similar vision to ours, that quality and sustainability go hand in hand and we think they're a great fit for Ten Tables.